Solidaz: A DEN of SOLID Tees made for Men and Women. Like most people we invariably had one complaint — that simple, plain, high-quality t-shirts that we could wear as formals or casuals were surprisingly hard to find.

An opulent fashion brand that celebrates Indian-ness. Sometimes in a delicate way. Sometimes with a little jig. The high –quality SOLID t-shirts that we always wanted to wear just to anywhere were either overpriced or with some designs here and there on Tees. The simpler plain ones were just not up to the mark. And neither category offered us a really comfortable tee.There was just no ideal option. So, we decided to create it.

We researched met people, gained insights to get best quality cotton and blend Fabric T-shirts. We studied cotton, staple and yarn. We learned about production processes for best quality cloth material. We questioned. We asked how things could be done differently. And then we took the plunge. After all, we certainly believe that you deserve to look like a million buck, without breaking a bank 😉 Thus, Solidaz (our baby) was born.

Solidaz is owned and very much operated in our very own Desh “Bharat”.

Below are our key ingredients to deliver the Best quality Solid Tees to your door step :

  • Compassion
  • No Compromise on quality
  • Best Fit for all body types

“Basic Tees Fashion never goes out of Fashion”

“The Bitterness of poor quality remains, long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten: WE ALWAYS HAVE THIS IN MIND”